Luis is a 58 year old husband and father who lives in El Salvador. Growing up he has been described as an honest, hard-working, friendly man in his community.

Working as a farmer, Luis has mastered the growing and harvesting of several different basic crops such as beans and rice. The food that he grows on his farm is harvested and sold in his local community. He also uses the food he harvest to feed his family.

Luis requested a loan to buy basic farming supplies so that he could increase the output of his harvest. Being able to purchase seed, fertilizer, and insecticides he was able to fulfill his dream.

With the added increase of food and income, Luis hopes to provide a better future for his wife and children.

Luis Alonso

Luis Alonso has already payed back his loan and was very grateful for the opportunity given to him. He is the perfect example of what we hope to accomplish here at the Mission Belt Co. He had dreams of wanting to provide his family with a better future but couldn't do it without a little outside help.


If you want to be a part of the mission and help people all around the world like Luis, purchase a Mission Belt today! A small portion of each belt sold goes to lending a hand up on life for those that need it. Thank you for supporting the mission!

May 10, 2013 — Wes Moss