Filomina is a 64 year old woman who lives in the small country of Georgia. In the small village which she lives, her and her family run an agricultural business. The plot of land that they own is used mostly for growing potatoes. During the spring and summer seasons they work hard to make sure they reap a good harvest. After harvest, they will sell their crop to the local community.

The loan that she has requested is to cultivate more of the family owned land. The plot that they own isn't being completely used because some of the ground isn't sufficient for growing potatoes. With extra cultivated land, they will be able to increase their harvest. A small portion of the loan is also going to buying more seed for planting.

With the increase in harvest and better business, Filomina and her family hope to provide for themselves a better quality of living.


Fiomina in her home.

Filomina and her family have been very appreciative of the loan, and have already begun to pay it back. The family business is doing very well, and they are maximizing the use of their land.

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November 14, 2014 — Jeff Jensen